1. Quitting Will Improve Your Health

  2. 2 High 2 Sing High

  3. Artless Armchair 11 Mixtape
    Lesstalk Records

  4. Minimal Animal
    Nathan John Kearney

  5. Self Titled
    Carb on Carb

  6. All You Need Is What You Already Have

  7. Departure
    To The North

  8. Words that seem to slip away
    Jess Locke

  9. Retirement
    H A N N A H B A N D

  10. Mincing in the Moonlight
    Michael Crafter // Uncle Geezer

    Shaky Handz

  12. Shiny Flaws
    N. Martin

  13. Demo
    Fully Cooked

  14. Pinkish Hue

  15. 2013
    Jess Locke

  16. Perpetual Victim
    Rev. Custer

  17. Selective Nonsense
    Happy Phlegm

  18. Square Eyes
    N. Martin

  19. Skins
    Jess Locke

  20. Rats
    The Worstmn

  21. It's the End of the Year, Not the End of the World, Man...
    N. Martin

  22. In The Bedroom
    Jess Locke

  23. South East Asia

  24. Machinoir | The Dissonance Process - Split

  25. Gratest Hitz
    Origami Girls

  26. Clean & Jerk
    N. Martin

  27. The Reverend Jesse Custer
    The Reverend Jesse Custer

  28. we carry on

  29. The (temperamental) Locket
    Jess Locke & N. Martin

  30. Can I Please Have More, Please!
    Mushroom Family

  31. Travel Ideas
    Edwin Montgomery

  32. Children's Theme Song Compilation

  33. Halal, How Are You?
    Halal, How Are You?

  34. Sleep Patterns
    Edwin Montgomery

  35. One Way Ticket To Snoresville
    The Snoozefests

  36. The Life and Times of Rusty Emerton

  37. F’tang

  38. A Pile of Skeletons
    Lucia Draft

  39. Delusions of Grandeur

  40. Live @ Halaloween
    Halal, How Are You?

  41. The Sea has everything a Whale needs to stay alive
    The (temperamental) Pocket

  42. Artless Armchair Compilation

  43. Greatest Hits Vol. 1
    Skippy The Bush Kangaroo

  44. Courthouse Blues 7"
    The (temperamental) Pocket

  45. Lock and Load
    The (temperamental) Pocket


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Lesstalk Records is a Footscray Based DIY label/community

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